I was standing in a crowd one day
And there was such a din
Everyone was crying out;
"Away and crucify Him!"

I asked of one standing near
"What means this they're screaming?"
He told me that the one on trial
Was guilty of "blaspheming."

"How" I asked "is this -
what is it he has done?"
The other one replied
"Said He was God's Son."

And as I then beheld this man
Who had been scourged and blamed;
I could not tell just what it was ?
But I felt so ashamed.

For I could see within His eyes
As he looked back at me;
One who was a loving friend
He was no enemy.

And on the hill called Calvary
Outside that City gate,
They nailed Him to His heavy Stake
Then they reviled with hate.

As I approached His dying form
I saw the blood-soaked ground;
I cried, I fell down at His feet
My Saviour I had found.

For into His eyes again I'd looked
And this time I did see,
He had no need to say one word -
'cause He was there FOR ME !

The blood of Jesus is 'precious blood' it is also 'Holy blood'.

Lord Yeshua entered heaven with His blood having obtained eternal redemption Hebrews 9:12

We too can enter by His blood, through the veil, His flesh, this explains to us the curtain tearing in twain when Yeshua died, He opened the way for us to stand before the 'seat of grace'. We are encouraged to enter by a new and living way. Hebrews 10:19, 20. Amen

Richard Merrell 1997

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